How to transfer NFTs to Metamask or another wallet app

Part One: Connect Your Wallet

When you create an account on Meteor / Aloha NFT, a new wallet is created and associated to the account. This makes it easy to claim your NFT and log in using your credentials to view your NFTs.

To add the NFTs from Meteor / Aloha NFT to your favorite wallet app (eg Metamask), please follow the instructions on this page.

Open the Account Details panel to manage your existing wallets or link a new wallet to your account:

1. Click on your Profile Icon

2. Click on Account Details

3. Click on Link Ethereum compatible wallet

4. The wallet app that you have active wallet via your browser extension will pop a notification to connect to the website

5. Select your wallet address

6. Click on Connect

Part Two: Transfer Your Token

1. Click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then ‘My Wallet’.

2. Find the NFT you wish to transfer and click on it

3. Click on the ‘Transfer’ text next to your name

4. Click on the ‘Connect’ button, select your external wallet, and complete the transfer